Our family has always been involved in all outdoor sports, from Scuba Dive, Snowboard, Motorcycle ride, and Off-road driving. As our sons Jacob and Cole got older we wanted to expand our off road experiences and adventures. After much investigation, we decide that building an Off Road Racing (Class 8) Truck was the best fit for us. We have come to an understanding that racing these trucks takes much determination and dedication. So the Sober Suicide® Race team and clothing line was born.


Clear Minded, Focused, Determined, and Mentally Fit


Extreme, Very Dangerous, On the Edge


Put These Together and anything is Possible!

Our goal is to provide quality, and cutting edge products. This is done by going out and experiencing the different sports day to day. So we invite you to browse through our online store, it is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.